Gillette Prestobarba
Presto = i worth it
Barba = beard

First things first! What does #EuPrestoSim mean? 'Eu Presto Sim' sounds like 'I Worth It', and also is a pun with the name of the razor: Prestobarba. Btw, Prestobarba is the cheapest and popular Gillette's blade in Brazil.
The new Gillette Prestobarba Ultragrip 3 is Gillette's flagship in the disposable segment over the past nine years. The handset represents a new opportunity for loyal consumers of disposables to experience a three-blade shave that provides up to 10 well-made beards at a more affordable price. The disposable handset represents the largest share of Gillette's business, and the loyal consumer in that category was missing a three-bladed device with superior technology and a more affordable price.

The Hit 🎵

To show the consumer the benefits of the new product and to communicate in a relaxed way that men can, for a very competitive price, be more confident and attractive shaving with a quality product, me, my creative partner Victor Bustani and the singer Safadão, we've wrote the song 'i worth it' and the hit can be heard on gillette's fanpage on Facebook.

Só tenho cara de safado
Mas sou homem sério
Sou bem dedicado
Eu curto balada
Mas sei me cuidar

Com o Gillette PrestoBarbar eu faço direito
Eu faço com jeito
Sou o cara certo pra você ficar

Sou muito atencioso
Sou muito carinho
E com o meu rosto bem lisinho
Eu me garanto muito mais

Eu Presto 1, 2, 3
Presto até 10 vezes mais
Eu Presto, Sim
Presto Mais
Me leva pra casa que eu posso provar

Movies 🎬

Three digital videos - 'Forró', 'Show' and 'Ballad' , which translate the concept of what to give is to enjoy life and honor with their responsibilities, to go out late in the ballad but not to stop waking up early to work.

We have a game 🕹️

The campaign also features the Prestometro app (, which features a fun quiz with questions related to ballads and achievements.

prestometro game gif

Yeah! The karaoke is here 🎤

The brand put the song in another level: making a karaoke.

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Vocês já descobriram se prestam? Façam o teste! #Gillette #Euprestosim

— Whindersson (@whindersson) 21 de janeiro de 2017

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