Gillette: The Barber ShopInterview

For over a hundred years, Gillette have helped men get ready and out the door each day, preparing them to look their best and firmly embedding in the minds of consumers that when it comes to shaving, gillette products truly are the best a man can get.

"Our new brand purpose, grooming the next generation of men, is what the brand stands for in the world, but it’s time to bring this to life, to walk the walk and transcend grooming in the traditional sense."


But as a brand we are so much more than that.

The brief was create local activations, or efforts designed to help men during their period of employment transition these can come to life in any way you choose (video, print, digital, etc) and should be based on region specific challenges that men face when experiencing a specific employment transition.

A lot of countries in the world are going through a serious economic crisis.

This difficult makes unemployed men more insecure in the moment of interview, hindering the replacement in the job market. HR departments haven't evolved along with time. This archaic recruiting methods are inefficient because it almost always impedes candidates from presenting themselves at their best. we are going to install special chairs in barbershops where job seekers can receive a free makeover. These men will not only be undergoing a makeover, but unwittingly also participating in a job interview. Barbers will "interview" their clients in a laid back and informal manner. The "customers" will be candidates who failed at previous job interviews. On the other side of the mirror, a hidden camera will transmit the interview to the HR professionals who turned away the candidates at the previous interview.


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