Kibon: Goodbye Serious

Kibon ice cream's main challenge was to get customers' consideration at the time of purchase.

Despite being a well-known and loved brand, it competed with several types of sweets and snacks in other categories. therefore, it was essential that the brand remained present in consumers’ minds whenever they felt hungry.

Agency’s challenge was to bring the brand's "Goodbye, Serious!" message to life in a fun way, while reminding consumers about the pleasure and joy of eating ice cream.

Kibon’s message "Goodbye, Serious!" seeks to combat daily life's boring routine and stressful aspects. The idea behind Kibon's campaign was to reach people with beautiful, colorful, bright and unexpected images to keep them from thoughtlessly scrolling through the images on social media.

The target audience was men and women ages 18-34 years old. Brazil's number of mobile phones surpasses that of its population: 284 million mobile connections versus 204 million people. By thinking mobile first, instagram was the perfect platform.

Instagram also had the inspirational positioning and the visual approach the agency needed for kibon. But it was a challenge to break through on social media. created five posts that introduced the global concept on Kibon’s Instagram in Brazil: Goodbye Serious. The campaign also said goodbye to 3D graphics, having all of its elements produced manually and then photographed, creating fun images and non-sequiturs that showed the brand’s ice creams in a way they had never been seen before on the platform.

The agency presented a twist on ordinary daily objects with Kibon’s delicious ice cream flavors to offer a pause from the hectic daily routine and to inspire people to go after other happy moments.

Kibon was one of the first brazilian brands to use Instagram, and on a platform that is 100 percent visual, the images needed to be carefully thought out, down to the smallest details. mixing diverse materials to create distinctive textures, colors and brightness, created each of the objects shown in the images. The campaign that was presented during a one-month period took 45 days to prepare.

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